What is a Threshold Moment?

Every founder faces challenging fork-in-the-road decisions. These are threshold moments. They might be market, strategy, financial, or cultural choices, but the outcome of every threshold moment is determined by the quality and experience of the team engaged in making the decision.

Threshold exists to shepherd entrepreneurs through these critical moments. We empathetically engage to sharpen visions, develop leadership, and push startup founders to think more boldly than they might on their own. Superior outcomes don’t just happen. They are the result of thoughtful, informed decisions made during threshold moments.

Naomi Allen

Co-Founder and CEO

Brightline is an essential platform offering comprehensive behavior support for kids, teens, and their families. While mental health options for adults are available, Brightline noted a paucity of options for children and their families and faced a threshold moment: Get to market with a robust network and strategic support — and then scale it.

Edith Harbaugh

Founder and CEO

LaunchDarkly wants to revolutionize the way enterprise software gets built and enhanced. It went from initial product to first customers, but then faced a threshold moment: Find a VC partner that would facilitate scaling the business – with more than just capital.

Matt Oppenheimer

Founder and CEO

Remitly wants to provide people around the globe with the most trusted financial services. After growing the platform to millions of customers, Remitly faced a threshold moment: A Series C raise that would sustain both the company and its global vision.

Uma Valeti

Founder and CEO

Upside Foods (fka Memphis Meats) began with a unique vision: Feed the world while saving the planet. After demonstrating that its approach could work, it faced a threshold moment: Product now? Or platform tomorrow.