Mo is focused on enterprise and frontier technologies. He sits on the boards of Benepass, CrowdAI, EdgeQ, Elementary Robotics, OpsLevel, and several stealth companies. He has also sourced and/or co-led investments in Mythic, Yellowbrick, Imagen, Upside Foods, Atomwise, and Zymergen.

Mo was on the technology team at In-Q-Tel, where he conducted technical diligence on behalf of the CIA. Mo also held engineering roles at Lockheed Martin, the National Science Foundation, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Mo is an author in a chapter addressing the disruption of employment by the rise of automation and artificial intelligence in Disrupting Unemployment: Reflection on a Sustainable, Middle-Class Economic Recovery.

Mo graduated with a BS in electrical engineering, with interdisciplinary honors in international security studies, and an MBA from Stanford University.​

In 2018, Mo was named to Business Insider’s list of Silicon Valley biotech stars. He was also featured in the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 Venture Capital list.