Threshold Ventures

We are a diverse team of experienced early-stage investors dedicated to helping founders and their companies build transformative businesses and achieve explosive growth.

About Threshold

We designed Threshold for founders. We aspire to be founders’ trusted partners and their first call when they come to a fork-in-the-road decision. We structure our investments to align our interests with those of our entrepreneurs. When working with companies, we embrace the vision, engage deeply with the leadership team, and empathetically share in the successes and challenges. We invest capital, but more importantly, we invest ourselves in support of founders and their teams because we believe that great companies are built by people.

We invest early, are actively engaged partners, and focus on sustained success. We are selective in our investments, preferring to partner more deeply with a smaller number of companies. We specifically focus our capital and attention on opportunities that we believe are poised for tremendous growth. Some areas of particular interest for us are:

  • The convergence of healthcare and technology.
  • The intersection of edge computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Innovative ways to serve established consumer habits.
  • Advanced data models to forge new as-a-service applications.

A simple set of principles guide our approach to engaging our portfolio companies:

  • Relationship-first. We believe people create value working together in an environment of trust and transparency.
  • Evidence-based. We want to be the best informed as we work toward desired outcomes.
  • Reputation-aware. We strive to build great companies that also do good.  

Applied together, we believe that these principles help us provide founders with the best possible guidance.

We’re new in name, not accomplishment. Threshold was founded by a veteran team from DFJ Venture. We have led investments in successful companies such as Box, Livongo, Redfin, Twilio, and more. We find joy in helping founders hone a great idea, attract talent, engage customers, and create innovative solutions in dynamic and complex markets. The road to success is never without challenges and we seek to be a calming, empathetic influence, helping companies keep their eyes on the prize – building great businesses – while diminishing stress and drama.

If what we believe aligns with your vision, let’s talk.